Thank you for coming our "Juzu Store".

We ship overseas via a company called TENSO.COM.
For order, you must registration of personal information is necessary to use TENSO.COM.

After registered for TENSO.COM, please complete order by selecting the color and size of the product what you like on our site.
*If you use Tenso.com, We can easily ship our products overseas to you.
*And Tenso.com is a forwarding service company in Japan.

3 Steps to order


Register at tenso.com and receive a Japanese address; https://www.tenso.com/en/pre_regist/input
When you register at tenso.com, you will receive a temporary Japanese address.

You can register at tenso.com free of charge.
When registration is complete, you will receive a message with the contents of the your Japanese address to be used you order.


Purchase your favorite items from Juzu Store.
When purchasing your items from Juzu Store use the address you receive in Step1.

In addition, payment is only credit card  (or paypal).
If you need to pay by PayPal, please wait for a while until we send e-mail about the billed amount and the remittance account from us after orders.

Please see here for an explanation of that.


Tenso.com DO NOT accept any cash on delivery and cash on arrival orders. (cash on delivery by Japanese language is “代引き”)
If you pre-order C.O.D with tenso.com address, Juzu Store would cancel your order automatically.
And also, in addition, please contact TENSO.COM directly regarding the date and time of delivery.


The product has been successfully stocked, and a shipping completion email will be sent to you.
After that, your products will be delivered to Tenso.com’s storehouse in Japan.
When you pay international shipping fee to Tenso.com, They will ship your products overseas.

About Usage Fee

Usage fee 580yen〜
(Service fee 50yen〜 + International shipping fee 530yen〜)

The cost you need is no more than the total of international shipping fee(EMS) and Service fee.
After your product arrives at tenso.com, please pay the fee written above.
Then, tenso.com will send your package overseas to you.
*The fee depends on the weight and destination to your country.


Free Registration for tenso.com
Juzu Store does not operate this overseas forwarding service “tenso.com”.
So, if you have any inquiry about this service, please contact with tenso.com directly.
Register to Tenso.com; https://www.tenso.com/en

We hope you will be able to get your favorite products safely.
Let’s enjoy your shopping.

Thank you for reading.

Juzu Store